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Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMay 5, 2010

Svyato Rovenchuk of The Sports Dossier and Arda Ocal of Right After Wrestling ( ) answer 15 questions about the world of Pro Wrestling.

Who do you think is the next breakout star? (Face and Heel)

Arda says :

I’m a firm believer that those who switch brands in the draft are being groomed for a higher spot than where they currently are – which is why I’m looking for big things from Kofi Kingston on Smackdown. He’s got the look, great worker, I could watch his matches all day.

Jack Swagger as a heel champ – I really hope they keep the belt on him for a long time, draw it out and build heat, because he’s getting some great heat in recent weeks.


Svyato says:  

When it comes to faces, I’m thinking that Kofi Kingston is the go to guy. When it comes to heels, I got my money on either McIntyre or Ted DiBiase.

Kingston was moved to SmackDown for a reason.

As for Teddy, he was due for a breakout a long while ago. McIntyre just makes sense.


Which top talent in the WWE does not receive main event time?

Arda says:

John Morrison is one guy who has all the tools necessary to become a main event star, but for some reason he hasn’t completely broken out. He had a run as a heel, then nothing much since. I want to see the, “Starship Pain,” in the upper echelon of the WWE.


Svyato says

I think Chris Jericho, being as talented as he is, should have much more time in the main event than he receives.


What do you think of the pairing of Chris Jericho and the Miz?

Arda says :

Fantastic!! Breathes life into the tag team division. I hope for a great feud between them and the Hart Dynasty, with a long chase for Miz/Jericho, then base the tag team division around those two strong heels.

Not a fan of the Miz as US champ, not having defended the title on Tv/PPV in a couple months.


Svyato says

I think the pairing is very interesting. Miz is being built like the next Chris Jericho, so I think it’s very interesting to pair these two up.

They are two gifted superstars and I think they will be a fantastic pair. I want to see a great feud between them and the Hart Dynasty.


Monday Night Wars: WWE vs. TNA, who wins qualitywise and who wins the ratings?

Arda says:

Well, since TNA has retreated back to Thursdays, for now I think we know the answer as to who “wins,” but something tells me TNA will return once they gain some steam on Thursdays.


Svyato says :

I think both nods go to the WWE.


Should John Cena be turned heel already?

Arda says:

I doubt this will happen so long as he sells the volume of merchandise that he does.


Svyato says:

Cena is not a formidable face if you ask me, he’s gotten stale and not many people out there like him too much. I say bring back the rapper gimmick and let him go with it.


Randy Orton vs. Edge, will it be the feud of the year? Why or why not?

Arda says :

I’m not sold on whether or not this will last very long, because both guys have market value, no matter if they feud together or with younger talent, but if so we could see another feud to the level of Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels.


Svyato says

I think it should be pretty amazing. Edge, has been turned back to the heel role, which should help his mic skills a lot.

Orton is a terrific hardcore face, he hasn’t done much to change his character and thank heavens.

The matches should be great, the promos should be great, this will be the feud of the year.


Vince McMahon didn’t leave SmackDown with much this WWE Draft, how do you think it will affect the brand and who will be the Top 3 Stars on the roster?

Arda says :

It seems like Smackdown is being positioned as the No. Two show, but something tells me come October, when Smackdown moves to SyFy, some marquee talent will make the jump back.


Svyato says: 

I think it won’t hurt SmackDown too much. Yes, they did lose a lot of key players, but it gives young guys in the WWE a chance to step up and into the main event.

I’m thinking the Top Three stars will be: 1. CM Punk 2. Kofi Kingston 3. Jack Swagger.


Are they making the wrong move with Ted DiBiase’s new gimmick?

Arda says:

Not necessarily – the right move is to repackage him.

I think it’s worth waiting to see where they go with this, if it means an R-Truth heel turn becoming his “Virgil,” I can see DiBiase getting the short end of the stick for a couple weeks, then a push.


Svyato says:  

It’s intriguing, I think I’d like to see it evolve some more before I make my call.


Who should be called on for a guest host role on Raw?

Arda says :

The Rock, absolutely. Before latest WrestleMania 27, it’s a real possibility!


Svyato says

I’d like to see Triple H come back from his injury to host the show and make sure that the Triple H/Sheamus feud does not die.


Which show is the true “A” brand? Why?

Arda says:

Right now, it’s RAW because of what happened with the draft, but CM Punk alone makes you want to watch Smackdown, and what they will do to elevate talent!

If I was an up and comer on the WWE roster, that’s where I would want to be.


Svyato says:  

I think with all the talent making their way onto Raw, it will definitely be the “A” show.

Batista vs. Cena, Edge vs. Orton, Hart Dynasty vs. Y2Miz (I like that name,) etc. will all help Raw live up to the flagship show title it has.


Which star in the WWE today in a mid-carder for life?

Arda says:

That’s a difficult question to answer because everyone can have a moment in the main event. Hardcore Holly being a great example, getting a shot at Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. 

Talent like Carlito are toiling in mid card status lately, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever.


Svyato says

Sadly, I think Matt Hardy is going to be stuck in the mid card for his entire career.


WWE NXT: Bust?

Arda says:

Not at all. ECW in my opinion was a bust. NXT is a good concept — at the very least the franchise brought us the former, “American Dragon,” to the grand stage!


Svyato says:  

Simple and to the point, yes.


Who is the best diva in the WWE today?

Arda says:

Gail Kim, but I’m biased, since she trained at the Squared Circle Training, the pro wrestling gym that that pro wrestling outfit that I co-run (Maximum Pro Wrestling – ) is involved with.

There is a lot of talent in the Divas division but it seems they might be going a different direction with their Divas.


Svyato says :

Beth Phoenix, for obvious reasons.


Who is the next World Champion (WWE or World Heavyweight Champion)?

Arda says:

Like I said above, I hope Swagger has a long reign, they build up Kofi and he takes the strap in a solid match at the Rumble or Mania.


Svyato says:  

Kofi Kingston, World Heavyweight Champion. It just seems like the logical choice.


Who is the best wrestler in the world today?

Arda says:

Douglas Williams has my interest every time he’s on screen, what a fantastic talent. 

Many wrestlers on both the WWE and TNA rosters are there for a reason, some great work rate from both companies, and of course from ROH and DragonGate as well.

For me, one guy that hits home is a worker by the name of “TextBook” Tyson Dux — at No. 98, he’s currently the highest unsigned talent on the PWI Top 500.

I’ve watched him wrestle for years through Maximum Pro and throughout the indys and he’s one of the most solid workers I’ve ever watched live.


Svyato says

Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan or Desmond Wolfe are the three that come to mind when you ask me.

Guys like CM Punk, KENTA and others are up there as well. All of those are terrific wrestlers and deserving candidates, but when it comes down to it I will be a bit biased and say Chris Jericho.

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