Boston Red Sox: Keys to a World Series Repeat

SarahCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

It has been a great year for Boston sports. Can it continue?

The first test will be the second half of the Major League Baseball season. This is where we get to see just how good and durable the 2008 Boston Red Sox really are. I think we are a trade or two away from defending the World Series title and winning back-to-back titles.

The 2008 Red Sox have proven to be a resilient bunch. Schilling is out for the season, but other young pitchers have stepped up. David Ortiz has been sidelined for more then a six weeks, but JD Drew and others have stepped up their game to make up for David's absence.

The Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays have put on a great performance, but the entire Red Sox team has responded. At the All Star break, the Red Sox have willed their way back into first place in the AL East. Not bad.

But the Red Sox still need some help to make a strong run for another World Series title. They need some help in the bullpen. They need some strong middle relievers.

Hopefully, they will make a trade near the trading deadline to find some depth. I just hope they don't mortgage the future to get one arm. We have a ton of great talent in the farm system and we should keep it!

Oh and I almost forgot—the Yankees. They aren't dead yet, but their amazing ability to implode late in the season has been fun to watch to recent years. I am hoping for some particularly dramatic collapse this year.