Super Pests Not The Best?

Branden Leeman@Leeman@TrocoeCorrespondent IMay 5, 2010

OK so every team in the league has one they annoy they get under your skin they cherp at your bench and agitate you.

But tell me one thing? do these guys embarrass the game? I have recently watched the Flyers Bruins series and Daniel Carcillo I think is taking it a bit to far. He embarrass a legend referee in the game by showing his Hollywood skills falling to the ice and acting like he got hit in the head with a stick.Carcillo also claims that Mark Savard bit his finger who know's what happens there right?

If you watched the game or the highlights you can tell the refs could of cared less about carcillio's finger getting bit. This i think he deserved as he dives and flops all over the ice and makes long time refs look bad and embarrasses them for making the obvious wrong call.

So wear do you draw the line with a so called super pest? Maxim Lapierre is another one like Carcillo. Lappy as they call him in Montreal got called for two diving penilty's in one game were he with out a doubt dived and embellished on both plays. He did redeem him self with a big goal but that's besides the point. Another incident i have witnessed of Lappierre's was last night in Montreal who clearly took out Fleury's feet while he was falling to the ice. I have one more incident that i seen take place this by far the worst.

It was earlier this season when Montreal was at the Shark tank a San Jose player was skating past the goal for the puck and Lappy deliberately shoves him in to the boards it was outrageous. The panel that was working that night could not be leave what did as he laughed about it on the bench the broadcast crew was disgusted with his actions.

Other super pests in the league such as Sean Avery ,Darcy Tucker,Dustin Byfuglien,Steve Ott and Steve Downy also have had all of there names in controversy.

But unlike Lappy and Carcillo some of these boys can actually play hockey at do more things then dive embarrass officials and there teams.

Steve Downi who started his career off on the wrong foot has really straitened out in Tampa Bay. Last season Downi had a great year scoring 22 goals and 46 points. It looks like he has really changed his game a bit that will definitely help his team.

As for the other bad boys of the league Steve Ott scored 22 goals 36 points ,Sean Avery tallied 11 goals 31 points, Dustin Byfuglien potted 17 goals along with 17 helpers,Colorado's Darcy Tucker snapping in 10 goals to with 24 points and best of all Vancouvers Alexander Burrows smashing in 35 goals 32 assist for a grand total of 67 points.

So lets take a look a lappys and Carcilo's states should we? Maxime Lappier scored 7 goals and Daneil Carcilo 12 goals with 20 points.

I think its safe to say that i would not pick these guys for my team come playoff time or any time for that matter. Who would you rather have a diving coward? or a hard working grinder? its your call boys let me have it.