NASCAR, EA Sports Style: Who Comes Out on Top?

Jack SiglyCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

We are all aware of the Petty team not doing well in the cup series, yet, in the Gamer League, the championship went to Michael Voyer after he won the UAW-Ford 500 at Talledega.

Jack and Mike did a great job going up through the field, Mike starting 22nd and Jack at 20th, yet they finished first and second, respectively.

The top-five consisted of Mike (No. 43 Bobby Labonte's car), Jack (No. 45 Kyle Petty's car), the 84 car, the 17 car and in fifth was the 12 car.

1—Mike #43, points champion, led 1/188

2—Jack #45, forty first in points, led 1/188

7—Bart #2, forth in points, led 0/188 (pole sitter)

12—Sarah #44, sixth in points, led 0/188

26—Ken #11, seventh in points, led 0/188

32—David #24, fifth in points, led 0/188

39—Cody #1, second in points, led 0/188


1—Mike #43, Dodge  

2—Cody #1, Chevy

3—Car #5, Chevy

4—Bart #2, Dodge

5—David #24, Chevy