Will RVD's TNA Debut Come Full Circle at Slammiversary?

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIMay 4, 2010

If the big debut by Rob Van Dam in TNA back in March seemed like a disappointment to you, maybe June 13th will make up for the initial blunder.

Usually, wrestling pay-per-view posters can go either way because storylines change and evolve extremely rapidly...especially in the world of TNA.

The poster for TNA Slammiversary VIII features "The Icon" Sting and current TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam standing prominently next to each other.  Could this be the main event at Slammiversary?

I think it would be awesome if TNA has a plan in mind for Sting vs. RVD to headline this show.  We all remember when Sting lost to RVD on Impact in about 6 seconds.  Sting then decimated RVD with a baseball bat for about 10 minutes before an enraged and bloody Hulk Hogan hobbled to ringside.

This could be a dream match for many and especially if TNA builds it properly, it could serve for the one and only TNA PPV that I ever purchase.

Nothing is confirmed and wrestling pay-per-view posters are often misleading, but hopefully this is not the case with what TNA is doing.  This could be the indication of an unique and captivating rematch between two of the all-time greats.


Jason Alletto
The Wrestling Roundtable