SPOILER: Former Tag Team To Reunite

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IMay 4, 2010

The WWE Superstars program was recorded last night before Raw which showed a match between Carlito and Primo.  In about seven minutes into the match, Carlito began his backstabber finisher move on Primo but decided to stop.  He then grabbed a microphone and began a promo.

Carlito said he didn't want to fight anymore with Primo and that nobody likes the Colons anymore.  He then suggests that he reform a tag team with Primo instead of having matches with each other.  Primo agreed and they both began to hug.  Michael Tarver was not pleased about this.

WWE seems to have a plan where The Colons will feud with The Hart Dynasty for the unified tag titles.  On another note, Carlito and Primo's cousin Tito Colon is expected to enter the main roster soon.