Who Will Be The Next Virgil?

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IMay 4, 2010

Ted Dibiase Jr. is on the hunt for his own "Virgil".  Back when his father was wrestling, Ted Dibiase Sr. had his own bodyguard and cash carrier.  Virgil would do whatever tasks the "Million Dollar Man" wanted.  He would usually lose the tough matches for Dibiase. 

Now that Ted Dibiase Jr has his father's Million Dollar Championship, he is now on the search for his own personal and loyal assistant.  As of now, there are two guys that will not take on the role, John Morrison and R-Truth.  R-Truth slapped Ted on last week's RAW at just the idea of him being Virgil.  Morrison said he would be Dibiase's "Virgil" if he lost to Ted.  Morrison won the rematch.

If Dibiase is going to have his own version of a "Virgil", who would it be.  First we have to assume, it will be a character on Raw and not someone who is a current main eventer.  It would also have to be a wrestler who would benefit the role of being the new "Virgil".  I doubt the new "Virgil" would be a guy with good mc skills like The Miz who would out talk Dibiase. 

There is a rumor that a new stable will be formed soon headed by Ted Dibiase Jr.  But Ted's brother Brett Dibiase may have suffered a knee injury, which may push the stable to a later date.  So having a "Virgil" character might just be the perfect move for Ted Dibiase Jr.

The following wrestlers are the top contenders who I believe are right for the job:
(In no particular order)

1. Zack Ryder
2. Yoshi Tatsu
3. Ezekial Jackson
4. Santino Marella
5. Vldamir Kozlov

Who do you think will be the next "Virgil"?