No Creamer in my coffee today but there is Rawson

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No Creamer in my coffee today but there is Rawson
Anna Rawson

Paula Creamer, the little tease, is taking the weekend off. After beating the competition at the Owens Corning Jamie Farr Classic presented by Krogers (I still love that name!) she has decided one victory this week is enough.

She destroyed the other ladies with a first round of sixty and second round of sixty-five then coasted home in the third and fourth to win her third tournament of the year.

The woman with the All American looks and sexy smile won't be delighting us with her short skirts and white pants this week as the women play the LPGA State Farm Classic. I checked the list and she is not on it. I was so disappointed.

I was!

As I perused the list - for the Pink Panther's name - something caught my eye. In black font, on a white background, clear as day, was written - Anna Rawson.

Anna Rawson, may not be the player Paula Creamer is but she can match her sexy butt for sexy butt. Where Creamer is the All American girl, with a smile that will melt ice, Anna Rawson is the Australian fashion model - turned golfer- whose smile will start fires.

Anna Rawson would surprise the world if she even contends this week. So far this year she has earned $19,440. Compare that to Paula Creamer who has earned $1,255,960.00 on the year.

Contending is not what I care about. Sure it is nice if the gorgeous golfers also won all the tournaments but all I want is television coverage.

Anna Rawson tees off at 2 PM ET. If ESPN was smart (that's a big if) they would cover her complete round. They would also cover her other three rounds and anything she does in between.

I just checked the TV Guide. ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN Classic is airing at 2 PM respectively - The Best of Mike and Mike (repeat), IRL highlights (not NASCAR who cares?) and NHL Classics. wow what a lineup? They are not only, not smart, they are morons. Although to be fair - the golf channel is airing interviews from male players about the British Open.

Guys, am I alone here? Am I the only one who would rather watch Anna Rawson do anything than Phil Mickelson yap about why he always chokes? Are you really that old?


Men never get that old!

On our death bed we would rather see an Australian fashion model play golf than get a miracle cure.

That is what makes us men!

So ESPN - again - I beg of you. Please for the love of God (and women) please show us hot babes, in short skirts, playing with long shafts and little pink balls.

It's all I have.

My wife cancelled Cinemax!

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