Brett Favre at the ESPY Awards

DAVID DEPREOCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

At the ESPY Awards last night Brett showed his humor.  These are not easy times for him right now.  However, he was able to break the ice last night when he received his award. 

They showed the plays that he broke the records with and then brought him to the podeum to receive it.  His comment was, "Wow, after watching those clips, it makes me feel like I might want to play football again this year". 

It is my understanding that laughter broke everywhere.

With all the controversy going on right now, I am a little surprised that he went to get the award.  Brett is really an all-around neat person.  During these screwed up times, he is still able to show his character. 

If you hate him, it's jealousy.  If you love him, your just a down to earth human. 

Bottom line—let him play.