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Angie MeyerContributor IIMay 3, 2010
We shan't lie. The Kentucky Derby had us completely out of our seats, jumping up-and-down in utter and absolute sheer-excitement. And all of this this happened sans the actual race itself. It 'twas the intermission between races that kept our heart pounding, and had us cheering... More! More! More!
The event itself, had us immersed deeply in the sport of fashion. The fashion, oh-my-gosh, the fashion. Coco Chanel herself would nod sign of approval for the eye-fest that that ensued Saturday.
The hats, the dresses, the shoes, the jewelery. Like a scene out of The Hamptons from the early 1940's, the Kentucky Derby impressed us in a way that no other sport could possibly partake.
Though windy and rainy, the true fashionistas in attendance weathered the storm with style and grace.
They call the Kentucky Derby the Fastest Two Minutes of Sports. The race is always held the first Saturday in May, and takes place at Churchill Downs, in Louisville.
This year was the most attended race in history, with over 150,000 potential Ralph Loren fit models walking the grounds. Of course the glamour of the Kentucky Derby attracts a classic, and very affluent crowd. From Hollywood Celebrities to Debutant's elite, a fashion show of brilliance that remains untouchable.
The hat parade dates back to London in the late 1800's, when horse racing enthusiasts were denied admission to the track if they were sans hat. Men would don top hats and morning dress, while women would wear proper dresses and large brimmed accessory. Often times the ladies would bring with them various hats, and switch them throughout the day. Dressing the part was considered proper etiquette, and implemented a sense of belonging within an elite social standing.
This year, patrons from Millionaires Rowe to the lowest seats in the track made their fashion statement, and we were absolutely taken.
Keeping tradition, the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs gets it so completely right. The 'haves" were treated to a fabulous race to boot.
Who was this years winner of the horse racing, fashion toting spectacular?
Super Saver!
Age: Three - all horses are three years of age when they race.
Owner: WinStar Farms LLC
Trainer: Todd Pletcher
State Bred: Kentucky
Horse Jockey: Calvin Borel (third time he's won in the past four years)
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