It's Still up for Grabs: Week 38 Will Decide the Winner of the EPL

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IMay 3, 2010

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - MAY 02:  Didier Drogba of Chelsea gestures during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield on May 2, 2010 in Liverpool, England.  (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
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After 37 weeks of gameplay for the teams in the English Premier League, the title of EPL Champion is still up for grabs. All season long, the back-and-forth tilt between Manchester United and Chelsea F.C. continued. They kept fighting and fighting for who would get the right of calling themselves champions this season. Now, they have one more week to fight and see what happens.

Manchester United are the defending EPL champions. After struggling early on, they got back on board and rose back up to the top. Chelsea F.C. are saying it’s their time, it’s their year, it’s their moment and it very well could be.

At the start of the season, many said that it was going to be Liverpool winning this season, but I disagreed. I remember before the season started, I made a bold statement that it was going to be Chelsea’s time. That bold statement could be the case next week’s time.

Those who were calling on Liverpool to win are now hiding their heads in the ground like ostriches out of shame. Liverpool is currently sitting in 7th place, not exactly something to be proud of if you ask me or anybody else, for that matter.

Chelsea has done a great job at staying at top of the Premier League Table, even if the lead is not a huge one. Chelsea remains one point up on Manchester United for 1st place. That basically means if they choke even once, Manchester can jump ahead, but they haven’t done so yet. Chelsea have managed to stay at the top, hoping to finally achieve destiny for their squad. Now, they’re only one win away from clinching it.

Manchester started slow, but rose to the top soon enough. They have done a great job never giving up in the fight for 1st place. They’ve stayed with Chelsea all battle long.

Week 37 was a great opportunity for Manchester United to pull ahead, but it didn’t happen.

Manchester United battled 11th seated Sunderland, not too hard of a challenge. They proved that, getting the 1-0 victory over them. So they got the win, Chelsea had to do their part and pick up a win too, but Chelsea’s opponent was not a walk in the park.

Chelsea got a much tougher task in Liverpool. You know, the ones that everyone expected to win the league. Despite not being the best team they can be this season, they are still as dangerous of a club to face than ever. However they weren’t so dangerous when faced with a team like Chelsea. The Blues got the win 2-0 and jumped back ahead of Manchester United.

Chelsea just showed why exactly they are the top team in the Premier League this season. Manchester got a way easier team to play in week 37 while Chelsea got one of the best football clubs in the world today (despite this year’s lacklustre performances). What happens? Chelsea beats them 2-0, clean sheet and stay ahead.

Week 38 will look like this for the two teams.

Week 38 has Chelsea going up against Wigan Athletic. Wigan currently sit 16th in the Premier League Table, so unless Chelsea choke in the final game, they have the title locked up.

Week 38 has Manchester United facing Stoke City. Stoke City is currently sitting at 12th in the Premier League Table. This should also be a victory, but it doesn’t matter as long as Chelsea get the win earlier on.

So in Week 38, neither teams will have a big challenge ahead of them, but it looks like Chelsea has the league title locked up. If Chelsea can get the victory over Wigan, which they most likely will, then no matter what the outcome of the Manchester/Stoke game will be, Chelsea will win the EPL Title and be the new champions of the league.

So finally, Chelsea is on the verge of winning the Premier League. It’ll be a great sight to see Chelsea lifting that trophy up high into the air. To all the United fans out there, you have to admit that Chelsea deserve what they are going to get, despite the rivalry between our two teams. Chelsea have fought long and hard for the chance to sit at top of the league and it’s our time.

Well, one week left to go and what a glorious match day it will be. Let me hear you all say it with me, “Chelsea, the NEW Premier League Champions!” Blues fans, this is what we’ve been waiting for and now we are only a few days away from getting it. Chelsea will reign supreme once more!

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