How Good Is Gorzo?

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IMay 3, 2010

The Cubs scored more runs in the first inning Sunday, four, than they’ve averaged all season for Tom Gorzelanny…about 1.75 rpg.

Considering the southpaw entered Sunday’s game as the best pitcher in baseball without a win (0-3, 2.45 ERA), it’s fair to say the Cubs’ lineup owed him some runs yesterday afternoon.

And all the guy really needs is just three runs. THREE RUNS!

In his last four starts he’s allowed just two earned runs apiece…awesome! And you’re in business anytime you get that kind of production from a fourth starter.

Gorzo’s no fluke; either…he somehow managed a 14-win season with Pittsburgh.

Give this guy a little offense and there’s no telling if Tommy G. ends up surpassing the 15-win mark. Now wouldn’t that be something!