The 10 Best Players Who Have Never Won an NBA TItle

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The 10 Best Players Who Have Never Won an NBA TItle

After watching yet another early playoff exit for Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd, a question came to mind: Will two of the NBA's greatest players fall victim to the exclusive no-ring club?

It's hard to imagine that these two will not achieve NBA immortality by capturing the only award that matters to an NBA player when their career is over, but it has happened to many of the greats that proceeded them.

Thinking about this made me wonder where Dirk and J-Kidd would rank among the greats to never win an NBA Title.

In order to figure out the top 10 players who've never won an NBA title, I had to solicit the help of the Bob Evans Formula.

If you remember, I used this formula to predict the top 10 players in the NBA three years from now, which you can view here:

In order to discover the top 10 who've never won an NBA title I had to change around the statistical categories to gain a better perspective of the players that were chosen.

I still evaluated 16 players from a list that I personally chose after conducting some research online, but I used the following categories to rank them from 1-16: Points, Steals, Assists, Blocks, and Rebounds per game, as well as, playoff appearances, and games played in the career.

The maximum points that a player could have would be 112 (seven categories multiplied by 16 points), but not one player achieved perfection in this system.

Also, I did not include any active players under the age of 30 because I feel that their careers have not been long enough for them to have the most opportunities to get the ring.

Now that you understand the formula, let's take a look at who made the list!

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