Coming Soon: Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao

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Coming Soon: Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao
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Are you a Pacquiao fan who believes Mayweather is too scared to fight great fighters? That Mayweather is dodging the fight against Pacquiao? That Mayweather was going too far in demanding Pacquiao submit to extra drug testing?

Or are you a Mayweather fan who believes Pacquiao must be taking drugs since he refused the fight? Or that Pacquiao is trying to negotiate for more money?

If any of these declarations apply to you, you've got it all wrong.

This fight will happen, sooner or later.

You may then ask, what about all the hype, all the conjecture, all the trash-talking, all the hyperbole, all the finger-pointing? It's all garbage.

That's how you hype a fight.

That's how you increase sales.

The more fight fans have invested in this emotionally and verbally, the more that will be invested into pay-per-view sales.

Why would any boxer fear another boxer at this level of the sport? They get paid millions, they train months at a time, their whole lives are dedicated to the few nights per year they have a match, and they've all had dozens of fights. It's their job. It feeds them, clothes them, and affords them countless luxuries. Why would either fighter not want to fight?

So for anyone who trolls the Internet, dismissing Manny Pacquiao as a drug-abuser or Floyd Mayweather as being too scared to fight, you don't get it. The only people who take you seriously are other people who don't get it.

The overwhelming majority of writers who closely follow boxing all agree that Pacquiao and Mayweather are two great fighters who deserve a lot of respect. Please save your time and energy by learning to understand the sport of boxing and how it earns its money: By pitting one fan base against the other.


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