LeBron James Gets a Sore Elbow and People Act Like The World Is Over!

Jacob ClarkContributor IMay 2, 2010

LeBron James is a baby! He gets a bruised elbow and everyone is acting like its the end of the world. It is a bruised elbow! People are going to start making the excuse if Cav's loses its because of LeBrons elbow. Go head make that excuse all you want and think LeBron is tough because he is playing through it. I got two words for you


Bryants has a broken index finger, torn pinky tendon, elbow tendinitis, ankle sprain and back spasms. Hmm. where is Kobes credit? Where are the reporters talking about his injures 24/7 about what a lose to the team it is?

Yes i am a Laker fan, but that doesn't matter! Lebron passes the ball when he doesn't need to but keep the ball when he is double or triple teamed, just to look good, thats selfish, which is why he reminds me of a younger kobe.

LeBron is all about himself! And everyone acts like he is the best player ever, or better then Kobe. Yeah maybe right now, but you can't compare that because Kobe has more championships then Lebron will ever have. He doesn't have a team to pass to, . Kobe had Fisher, Shaq, etc. back in the day. Which is why i will agree Lebron is a great player to be able to lead his team. But he can't do it all by himself

Don't get me wrong, he is a great player, but he has a lot more to learn the word team, and forget about just being a superstar! All Lebron is, is a younger Kobe Bryant! Yes back when Kobe was number 8 and wouldn't pass when he needs to pass. But Lebron has a chance to be better!