European Games, Winter Classic, and the All-Star Game: 2008-09 NHL Highlights

Mary MimiCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

Sidney Crosby (PIT), Vincent Lecavalier (TB), Daniel Alfredsson (OTT), and Henrik Lundqvist (NYR) will lead their teams to the games overseas.

The Hawks will host the Detroit Red Wings on New Year's Day in the NHL Winter Classic 2009. And the Habs, of course, will host the Entry Draft and the NHL All-Star Game.

Young superstar Sidney Crosby and the Penguins will take on veteran Daniel Alfredsson's Senators in Stockholm, Sweden, a two-game regular-season series set for Oct. 4 and 5. Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers will face Vincent Lecavalier and the Lightning, also on Oct.4 and Oct.5.

This season will be the second consecutive season with the NHL clubs opening the schedule in Europe. Last season opened with the Ducks and the Kings playing at London, England.

The Cup-winner Detroit Red Wings will participate in the NHL Winter Classic 2009 on New Year's Day at Chicago.

Okay, onto the Habs.

Yes, the Montreal Canadiens will host the NHL All-Star Weekend, which is scheduled for Jan. 24-25, 2009. They also will host the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, which will be conducted at the Bell Centre June 26-27.

Each team will play six times against each team in its division (24 games), four games against the non-division teams within its conference (40 games), and 18 non-conference games—at least one game against each club in the other conference and three home-and-home series against non-conference teams.

The season will starts Oct. 4, concludes April 12, and the Stanley Cup playoffs will begin April 15.