Barry Bonds Should Come Back before Brett Favre

greg pitschSenior Analyst IJuly 17, 2008

I am sick and tired of all the breath wasted on Brett Favre.  I understand that he said/she said nonsense controls the media of today, but nothing has aggravated me more than the Packers and Favre Fiasco.

People were first saying, "Oh my god, why would the Cheeseheads do that to him?"  But what nobody seems to understand is that Brett walked away from the game, his teammates, and his fans, yet they are parading to bring him back.

Whatever, Brett deserves to play until he dies. He has earned whatever it is that he wants.  The one who is lost in the fiasco of jacked-up treatment is the King of Home Runs, Barry Bonds. 

Sure you may think that his record is tainted or that he was using steroids, but the fact of the matter is, he should have bids out for him for at least eight or 10 teams.  Not to mention the teams that think they have a chance, especially since he is willing to play for the league minimum.

Mr. Bonds has yet to be guilty of anything, so why is he getting this kind of treatment? There is no team in the race that should not be jumping over the best bat in history.  Last year he still had the power.

The other reason I am upset about the whole Bonds parlay is because of how he was treated by the franchise he helped structure for more than a decade—a team that has a new stadium now because of the seats he filled.  They rode him like a pile of lottery tickets and threw all of them away after they won. 

What the team should have done was trade him for his worth, or at least offer him a coaching job to say the least. 

Teams should not boot the greatest team the franchise has ever seen.  It's one thing to be run out of town, but it is another story when you walk out.