EA SPORTS GAME: Dover, One Race to Go

Jack SiglyCorrespondent IJune 3, 2016

There is only one more race until the final race of the EA SPORTS GAMER is over. and our gamers are working hard to put up or shut up.

Though the No. 8 car had a rough day (as shown above) he still managed to be runner up, the top five was, the No. 66 won the races (puts him three points out of the chase) followed by the No. 8 car.

The No. 01 car was next, then Mike (No. 43 Bobby Labonte's car, with his third straight Top Five finish), and finally the No. 21 car.

4- Mike   #43   second in points  led 0/400

9- Sarah  #44  fifth in points      led 1/400

18- Cody  #1  points leader        led 0/400

19- David   #24  sixth in points   led 0/400

21- Bart     #2   fourth in points  led 0/400

23- Ken     #11  seventh in points  led 0/400

33- Jack    #45  42nd in points  led 0/400


The pole sitter was the No. 8 car. 


Point Standings Before the Final Race

Cody   #1  Chevy  

Mike    #43 Dodge

The #5 Chevy

Bart  #2 Dodge

Sarah #44 Toyota

All of these drivers have a shot for the championship.