Looking at the Facts: A Great Week In Women's Wrestling

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Looking at the Facts: A Great Week In Women's Wrestling

What, you don't agree? I think it has been one hell of a good week for mainstream women's wrestling, namely WWE. On Raw we got a decent match of good length that progressed the story between Eve and Maryse. On Superstars we got a fantastic match put on by two of WWE's top veterans, male or female. And on Smackdown we got a good little bout' that introduced Kelly to Smackdown.

Let's not forget TNA, shall we? On TNA we saw Madison Rayne defend and keep her Knockout's Title in a triple threat match between Angelina Love and Tara. That's not all, folks! We also saw The Beautiful People cut a nice promo backstage, and a fierce post-match brawl between Tara and Angelina.

So what exactly does this mean for all us fans? Well, I believe WWE has realized that they have to raise the quality of the women's wrestling in their company. It's strange to think that they've realized this just now, but the main reason it's strange is because TNA is no longer competition. This may sound crazy, because hey! Knockouts are better than Divas, right? Wrong.

I think WWE's Smackdown has been beating the Knockouts quality-wise for nearly a year and a half. Crazy as it may seem, TNA has not been nearly as consistent as it was in 2008, and WWE Smackdown definitely has. Look back to mid-2009 Michelle and Melina went at it constantly, week in and week out putting on some great matches, one being the best Divas match in years at Night of Champions.

Then if you look at the end of 2009 Laycool rose up and feuded with the now released Mickie James. It was emotional, and although it was a touchy subject, the contreversial 'Piggie James' angle drew some great reviews.

While all of this was going on TNA was throwing the Knockout's Title around like a hot potato, losing Knockout's, and misusing the Knockout's they were displaying.

As wierd as the timing is, better late than never. WWE really has a shot now to get their younger talent over, but they have to do it right. People do know Eve and Maryse, otherwise they wouldn't have gotten that nice pop on Monday Night Raw when they brawled on the outside. All WWE has to do now is give the girls an opportunity.

Give them time, give them a storyline, put them on the spot. If you do, you might just have your women's division back again.

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