EA SPORTS GAME: Martinsville

Jack SiglyCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

Ah yes, the Martinsville Speedway home of Virginia. The race winner was the 21 car followed by Mike (No. 43 Bobby Labonte's car and his second straight top 10), the 83 car, the five car, and lastly, the 17 car.

2Mike, No. 43 and second in points, led 2/500 and was the pole sitter

12Jack, No. 45 and 42nd in points, led 0/500 

15Sarah, No. 44 and 20th in points, led 0/500   

18David, No. 24 and 10th in points, led 0/500

28Bart, No. 2 and third in points, led 0/500

30Cody, No. 1 and points leader, led 0/500

36Ken, No. 11 and fourth in points, led 0/500