The Downward Spiral of the Entity Known as Rampage

Adam VaraContributor IJuly 17, 2008

As if things couldn't get any worse for the former Ultimate Fighting Light-Heavyweight Champion, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, the fall continues.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Jackson as TMZ took pictures of the UFC star being arrested after a police pursuit ending with police drawing their weapons, Jackson was picked up by police again Wednesday after some of his friends he was hanging out with were concerned about his behavior.

Irvine police state that Jackson is a danger to himself and others.

Now, Jackson is at a hospital for observation.

Authorities won't officially confirm if Jackson is at a psychiatric hold.

It will be interesting to see how UFC President, Dana White, will take disciplinary action against one of his company's biggest stars.

Who knows what could be going through the mind of "Rampage" when he crushed two cars and ran with his very noticeable "monster truck" decorated with decals of his likeness.

Could losing the championship to Forrest Griffin in a controversial decision at UFC 86 be the cause to make him be another celebrity mug shot? Even though, Rampage was publicly a good sport about losing, it may have eaten away at his mind. 

Perhaps, the UFC Light-Heavyweight Championship was his life. He most likely enjoyed being on top of his weight class, and it all crumbled away with that fateful loss. 

I may be completely off-base with Jackson's mental state. But hey, it could happen...