Pittsburgh Penguins Release 2008-09 Regular Season Schedule

WoooooSenior Writer IJuly 17, 2008

The Pens have released their regular season schedule for 2008-09. Here's the quick and dirty breakdown of the upcoming season. The Penguins will open the regular season with two back-to-back games against the Ottawa Senators in Stockholm, Sweden. The games will be played on October 4 and 5 and the puck is set to drop for both contests at 2:30 PM (Pittsburgh time).

The 2008-09 season marks the second time in franchise history that the Penguins have opened the regular season outside of North America. In the opening games of the 2000-01 season, the Penguins played back-to-back games against Nashville in Tokyo, Japan.

The revamped NHL schedule format set to be implemented next season will pit the Penguins against their fellow Atlantic division teams (New Jersey, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Philadelphia) just six times, as opposed to eight.

The Penguins will meet every other team in the Eastern Conference, outside of the Atlantic Division, four times during the season. The revamped schedule format also includes every team play at least one game against every team from the opposite conference. Sounds confusing, right?

This means that the Penguins will play every team from the Western Conference one time during the season-- with the exception of San Jose, Detroit, and Columbus, with whom they will play in three home-and-home series throughout the season. Marian Hossa will return to the Mellon Arena as a member of the Detroit Red Wings for the first time on February 8.

Mark that date down, buy a ticket, and make sure to bring your "boo birds." The Penguins' regular season home opener is set for Saturday, October 11, against the New Jersey Devils. The Penguins final game of the regular season will be played in Montreal, on Saturday, April 11.

It should be interesting to see how the increased East vs. West play will affect the standings at the end of the season. Let's Go Pens.