Blazers 2010-11 Season

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Blazers 2010-11 Season

Time for the mandatory season review.

I’ve been reading some Epictetus recently. One reason for that is because my lady friend, or “fiancée”, encouraged me to. Another reason is the stupid obstacles that kept plopping down in the Blazers’ path to dynasty status all season long. When things aren’t going the way you’d hoped a fresh perspective on life starts to sound wonderful.

There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.

I want to dedicate as little space as possible to injury-talk. We need a “break” from that topic. (Sorry.) Pretty much everybody got hurt. Roy’s end of season injury serves as a nice little microcosm for Portland’s season. Talented player gets injured. Team bands together and overachieves for a little bit. Player makes brave return, team shows tremendous heart. Team loses. I drink.

As fans we don’t seem to learn. At the group level there was celebration when the team decided to give $20 million to a 36 year old that averages less than sixty games played per season. On the bright side, the world may finally know: can three rehabbing centers run in place in one pool at the same time? Does the team have enough jumbo-sized exercise bikes?

I'm not saying Marcus Camby will get hurt. I'm just saying that since the Basketball Gods have been unkind to the health of the Blazers roster, maybe we shouldn't go around flaunting Marcus Camby in their faces. We should try to please them. We should sacrifice goats or something.

If you forfeit an external possession, make sure to notice what you get in return. If it is something more valuable, never say, ‘I have suffered a loss.’

What did we learn this year? That this team has heart and overachieves? Puh-leeze, we figured that out during the previous season.

The most significant thing I learned this season was that there is some funky discord all up in the front office. What that means (funky discord?) and who is causing it depends on who you talk to and what you prefer to believe. I like to think that the Vulcan jerks are threatened by KP’s juice, of which is has more of than Sunny Delight, and they want him out. It stupefies me that this article exists.

If KP gets fired will there be an opportunity to take to the streets? Portlanders do like them some protesting. If it goes down I'd like to make a request to the mob leader: can it wait until mid-August? Thats the next time I'll be in town. I'd really like to participate. I have this brick thats been burning a hole in my pocket.

Oh, I also learned that Paul Allen sort of looks like a fella by the name of T-Bone Burnett. I think it would be OK to refer to Mr. Allen as “P-Bone” from time to time.

Just keep in mind: the more we value things outside our control, the less control we have.

There was something that was more frustrating for me than the injuries and the funky discord in the front office. We still haven’t got to see how good this team is when all the major players are wearing jerseys. The most we had was early in the season. The team looked salty then, by which I mean they could raise one’s blood pressure. But there was a new point guard fighting for respect and a rotation that was different from the previous spring. Maybe they could have figured it out. Maybe not. Maybe changes need to be made. Maybe not. Maybe this team will never be healthy enough to really understand what is or isn’t needed. Maybe I just need a new perspective.

On to 2010-11!

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