Why Brett Favre's Ankle Injury is a Double-Edged Sword for Green Bay Packer Fans

Ryan CookContributor IMarch 31, 2017

The 2010 NFL offseason has seen its fair share of blockbuster headlines. 

Whether it's the Saints winning the Super Bowl some odd three months ago, or the Seattle Seahawks having the most successful draft in their forty year history, NFL fans knew sooner or later that the words "Brett Favre" were set to explode on the sports stage.

Finally, that eventful day has come, but for once it isn't Brett Favre's retirement plans that have the media in a frenzy, it's the latest addition to Brett Favre's historic injury list that has most people concerned.


NFC Championship Game

In case you were unfortunate enough to see the New Orleans Saints play the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game back in January, you missed quite a showdown. 

An overtime game that saw Brett Favre throw a last minute interception cost Minnesota a possible Super Bowl spot, but the more telling story perhaps was the way that Brett was tossed around like a rag doll in the closing quarters of the game.

For the most part, Brett's ankle injury didn't receive much attention.  When the overtime period ended and all was said and done, the media switched away from Brett and his future plans and instantaneously looked toward the Super Bowl.

Now we arrive in the middle of a rather boring and dull spot of the NFL offseason.  The NFL Draft is over, and NFL news is moving rather slowly. 

But when we all thought things had died down, it seems now that Brett Favre does indeed need minor surgery on his still swollen ankle.

Although this is still a developing story, I think you'll agree that there are two sides to the story for the Green Bay Packers.


The First Side to the Story

The first side to the story is the obvious one.  With Brett Favre out of the league or possibly not at 100 percent, the Green Bay Packers become solid favorites in the eyes of the public for the NFC North crown.

Now I know what your thinking, "Minnesota has more talent than just Brett Favre."

While this is true, think back to the Tarvaris Jackson era and look at the Vikings record, and I think you'll agree that the Vikings were simply a young team missing the presence of a great quarterback.

So given Green Bay's almost complete roster at this point in time minus a young cornerback, some NFL fans will feel that if Brett Favre either retires or comes back a little ginger from the injury, the Packers will make the most of this opportunity.

This is of course totally true, but the Packers would be a little wrong to totally discount the Minnesota Vikings. 

Yes, the Packers don't have to fear a quarterback that could tear their No. 2 defense apart, but they do also have to keep a watchful eye on Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, and of course the offensive mad man Brad Childress.

With Brett Favre gone, the Packers also don't have to worry about being embarrassed by their former quarterback, should they fall short head-to-head. 

The loss would of course still hurt, but I think I speak for the entire fan base in saying that losing to Brett Favre in purple adds salt to an already open wound.


The Second Side to the Story

Looking at the NFL as a league, you could go as far as saying that Favre's injury is a massive blow. 

Brett Favre makes the NFL interesting, and although he is considered by some to be an old, broken down piece of meat, there is simply no arguing that he puts forward exciting game after exciting game, and still has great rivalries with players, teams and now Green Bay Packer fans.

But what do Packer faithfuls think of Brett Favre's potential career ending injury? 

It's a given that most Packer fans see this as a massive opportunity for Green Bay to take advantage of should Brett Favre decide to hang it up, but there is still a case to be made as to whether or not Packer fans are truly happy to see Brett Favre go down.

In recent years, the Packers vs. Vikings rivalry has been red hot.  It's featured both high and low scoring games, rowdy chants filling both Lambeau Field and the Metro Dome along with fan debates as to who really is the dominant team in the NFC North.

However entertaining and eventful this rivalry once was though, take Brett Favre away from it and you are left with a rivalry that lacks the spice and spark that has made it such an event to mark down on everyone's annual NFL calender.

Look at it this way, it's almost like taking Cosmo Kramer out of Seinfeld, it's still a great show, but it would be nowhere near as entertaining.

Therefore, if Brett Favre does call it quits, this rivalry will revert back to Minnesota vs. Green Bay, instead of Brett Favre vs. Green Bay.  We've only seen two games so far in this monumental event, but I think I speak for all in saying it was a highly entertaining clash.



While Brett Favre is injured, there is of course no reason to discount him in 2010.  He may come back, or he may not.  Predicting that is tougher than winning the lottery.  However, Green Bay fans may seem a little divided on this issue.

On one hand it benefits the Packers as a team and a threat in the NFC North, but on the other it kind of leaves Packer fans empty as they no longer have a player that they can more or less "stick it to" should Green Bay defeat Minnesota in the upcoming season.

Whatever your opinion of Favre is, I personally hate to see any player injured. 

For most Packer fans Favre was their hero at one point in time, and to see his career in such jeopardy doesn't make any one of us happy.

The one question I do have is, why has it taken Favre nearly three months to come forward and reveal that his ankle has been swollen since the NFC Championship Game?

I guess that is a mystery, and you could go as far as saying Favre probably didn't want to reveal this injury as it would only further widen the already tiresome and old retirement debate. 

What isn't a mystery though is that if Favre retires he will be sorely missed, but he must make the right decision.  Returning to the NFL unhealthy isn't the right option for an already heavily criticized quarterback.  But it does of course play somewhat into Green Bay's favor.

Favre or no Favre, 2010 will be interesting for the entire NFC North division.  Lets just hope that Favre lets us know sooner rather than later, and that his decision is well thought out in regards to his NFL future.


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