Meyers Leonard: Stress Fracture Discovered in Foot

Jonah PulsCorrespondent IApril 30, 2010

Meyers Leonard went to Champaign on Tuesday evening to get his left foot examined.

Last Saturday, he said he felt a very sharp pain in his foot, which he thought was a stress fracture.

Leonard then went to get an MRI, which revealed a stress fracture in his Lisfranc joint. He will be wearing a walking boot 3-4 weeks as a precaution.

It is still unknown exactly when Leonard will be able to return to the court again.

According to head coach Bruce Weber, no surgery will be needed to repair the left foot of the 7'0'' phenomenon. Weber has released a statement on the injury saying, "A boot, rest and it should be fine. It's not in a bad spot."

"I told him he's really got to rest it, so in mid-May or so he can get going," Weber said. "The goal is to get ready for USA Basketball tryouts."

Leonard, who's headed to Illinois next year, has been on the rise lately. In the latest ranking, Leonard is the No. 31 recruit in the nation-via rivals. This is slightly ahead of Illinois' most highly praised incoming recruit, Jereme Richmond, who is currently ranked as the No. 35.

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