Oakland Raiders: In What Direction Are They Headed?

greg pitschSenior Analyst IJuly 17, 2008

Yesterday, as I was driving home from a long, exhausting day at the office, I was listening to my favorite sports-talk show, 1140 KHTK in Sacramento. They had a guest on the show by the name of Mike Freeman from CBS Sports.
Although he was quite insightful about the rest of the league, he came out and stated, "I can't see what direction the Raiders are going."
I was appalled that a "national reporter" would have no better information about the Raiders. He could have said something along the lines of, "They are a young team, and we will have to wait and see what they can do," or even something like, "The team basically has two rookie stars in the backfield. They might be an exciting football team to watch this year."
How does any national reporter not have a clue as to what the Raiders are doing?
Do you need some help as to what direction they are moving in, Mr. Freeman? Here in Oakland, we only play one type of football, and that is Raiders Football. The direction this team is going is up. Young, fast, and hard-hitting, smash-mouth football is what we are about.
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