Does Scottie Reynolds Have a Future in the NBA?

Scott Michael LeddyCorrespondent IApril 30, 2010

PROVIDENCE, RI - MARCH 18:  Scottie Reynolds #1 of the Villanova Wildcats reacts after hitting a basket in the second half against the Robert Morris Colonials during the first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament at Dunkin' Donuts Center on March 18, 2010 in Providence, Rhode Island. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Anyone who watched Villanova's disappointing 2010 season has no questions as to who the heart, soul, and backbone of the team was.

Yes, that's correct: Scottie Reynolds.

With Reynolds making a departure from the Main Line and heading upwards and outwards into the NBA, many fans and analysts are wondering just how well his skill set will translate into the big leagues.

Size, as always, is an issue. In Reynolds' case, it's the size of his body that is the concern—and the size of heart that may be his greatest asset.

Reynolds is not horribly undersized, listed at 6'2" (although that may be an exaggeration) and 195 pounds, but the trend of point guards in the NBA is towards the larger and more physical prospects.

Reynolds is a prolific scorer but will have to rely on his teammates and become more of a "true" point guard rather than the slashing-scoring machine that he was in college in order to have success at the pro level. Reynolds had only 3.3 assists per game and will be urged to share the wealth more often when on the court with other high scorers in the NBA.

Reynolds is, in essence, in NBA purgatory. He does not have the height for a shooting guard and will have to hone his passing and ball-handling skills in order to find success at point guard.

What Reynolds does have, in spades, is intangibles.

Reynolds has a fiery demeanor and is a fierce competitor. He plays hard on both sides of the court and only stops when the whistle blows.

Although Reynolds is not a highly touted prospect by any NBA teams, he has the determination and the work ethic to contribute off the bench and may see himself on a starting lineup within a few years if he can improve his ball skills.

Let's think for a second: undersized, tough as nails, feisty demeanor, slashing scorer—sound like somebody you know? I'll give you a hint if you can't think of The Answer.