Happy Birtthday Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Dottie travisCorrespondent IApril 30, 2010

 April 29,1951 a child was born with racing fuel in his blood and intimidation in his eyes. He would Mature to Drive on the red Dirt clay of North carolina. He was lean and mean and one of the hardest driving racers ever.   threw 2 failed marriages Dale sr perserved until now he is one of the most admired and most loved drivers ever he is the intimadator he is Mr. Nascar. People whent to him for advice and help.

Now fast forward to today 9 years ago Feburary 18th we lost our hero we lost MR. NASCAR. but we gained a son the son of a legend. Dale Earnhardt jr. He is a great man something that senior would be proud of. and now July 2nd,2010 dale jr. will be honoring his father in a one time event at Daytona. he will be driving the #3 wrangler

That warm summer night in July wil be an Emotional time, Emotional for the fans of Dale senior and Emotional for the fans of Dale jr. but i think the greatest emotion will be from dalejr. who is doing this to HONOR his father. you know deep down no matter how much he says NO-NO he is gonna have a little tear in his eyes an he is entitled to it

I dont want anyone to laugh at that man either, he is more then entitled to show his feelings, I wish to god i could be there to just give him a hug let him know its time

Let him know daddys riding with you an he loves you and is very proud of you always remember Dale jr.  LEGENDS NEVER DIE--THEY LIVE ON IN THERE SONS.

god bless you dale jr. may you find peace and feel the love from above and from the fans family and friends