To Brett: A Letter From The Green Bay Front Office

Ryan Senior Writer IJuly 17, 2008

Dear Brett:
   The Green Bay Packers organization would just like to take this opportunity to let you know that we appreciate the services you have provided over the last 16 years. However, we must ask you to move on. You're saying that we forced you to retire? Hey, buddy, you've been playing the "wait and see" game with us for the last four years.

Why would we make you leave now? You told us in March that you were done for good and we were ready for it by handing the reigns to Aaron Rodgers. If you come back, what does that mean for Aaron? Are you ready for six months of scowling and pouting? In fact, we're saving you the trouble of Aaron pulling a Tonya Harding on you.

 In addition, no one wants to see you in tears, screaming “why?” See? We really do have your legacy in mind. So now you want to be released or traded. Brett, are you out of your mind? People are already angry enough that they live in Green Bay to begin with, you want us to throw this at them?

They might burn down our offices and use the charred rubble to heat their brats! Do you really expect us to go through that? We've been kind enough over the last several years to overlook the fact that you've done just as much harm as you have done good. I mean, you've led the league in crippling interceptions this decade!

But hey, you're not the NFL's all-time interception leader for nothing, am I right? We sympathize with you, Brett, we really do. But it's time to move on. Go  hunting. Go fishing. Just don't feel disrespected and unwanted when the deer don't just stand still for you.

Thanks again Brett.


Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson & the rest of the Green Bay Front Office