The People Have Spoken

Michael VoyerSenior Analyst IJuly 17, 2008

Most people have said that they would like to see David Stremme behind the wheel of the number 12 car next year. We all know that Newman is leaving, yet Rodger has not told the media what driver he will replace Newman with.

Ryan, this years Daytona 500 champion, has seemed to let that win overshadow a lot of other things he has done since joining Penske.

I'm not saying Newman is a bad driver by any means, Ryan is a terrific driver and he deserves to do better than he has been. However he seems to be unable to live up to expectation.

We are all aware of the fact that Ryan had a dry spell earlier in his career. For example, he blames his crew for not giving the results needed. Personally, I would have to say "Ryan your behind the wheel, not them so their doing there best you do yours and stop complaining"

As for the new driver of the number 12 car I personally believe it will be an RWI driver and sadly, Steven sucks. My personal pick for the replacement driver is David Stremme.

Go David!