Is George Saint Pierre Ready To Retire?

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Is George Saint Pierre Ready To Retire?
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Should George Saint Pierre retire? 

Rumor has it GSP, our beloved Canadian contingent to the ever-popular American-driven UFC, is headed for the amateur wrestling mats.

This is one of the biggest promotions of the CAWA (Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association).  Let's admit, Georges goals have been met a long time ago and the respected businesses that have appropriated GSP are that of Under Amour and Gatorade. 

Really, living in one of the world fastest growing businesses, the Internet, let's promote the fastest growing sport...MMA

NOTE:  George Saint Pierre ..::.. Let's note boxing (as MMA has zero history)

*** Rocky Marciano - 49-0 (Even though perfect, not remembered accordingly)

*** George Chuvalo - Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman (how many lost)

*** George Saint Pierre - Even though circumstantial, go for the Gold...Olympic wrestling, rather than UFC.  You're not a pioneer of the sport, but you are a legend of the sport...retire my friend!  A lot of people in life teach you to keep your chin boxing...keep it in and down.

When is the UFC going attract professional scouts?  Dana, invest man, you continually need to grow.

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