Javon Walker, Oakland Raiders Hope for Stellar Season

FL Raider GirlAnalyst IJuly 17, 2008

Well, here we sit. Three weeks away from preseason’s start and it’s time to analyze. I first want to start off saying that I love this team. We have gone from one extreme to the next. We have been the biggest winners and biggest losers, but we are still the “Team of the Decades” and that won’t ever change.

This is the year that we will start to see a difference to this team, a swagger if you will, when all the pieces start to click. The only question is Javon Walker. Will he be ok?

Is the death of Darrent Williams still a factor? And will the recent attack have any lasting effects on this could-be No. 1 wideout? Those are the questions I have.

This is the year for JaMarcus to shine and shine is exactly what I think he will do. McFadden is another key addition. Even though we have Fargas, I think McFadden, Fargas, and Bush will be a trio of Backs that will help each other stay healthy for years to come.

Another person to watch again this year is TE Zach Miller. I think this guy is phenomenal. Book that. Thomas and Howard, as good as they are, will get even better. Asomugha and Hall, who are you gonna throw to now?

One more little question, is Tommy Kelly. I know that he is moving to a new position, but it is a more natural position. He’s one that is either gonna be really good, or stink up the joint. Then Huff and Wilson…another good pair to keep eyes on.

Now, my personal opinion about the AFC West this season. I think the Raiders have the ability to at least take the second spot. Our only issue will still be San Diego. Albeit, not a big issue. We just have to stop LT and they’re ours.

Simple, but true. Time to close this out. Next blog will be as the season starts. This is the year to kick it into gear! GO RAIDERS!