A Loss To Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Can Sugar Spoil?

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IApril 29, 2010

This is the fourth part in my five part series on the Mayweather-Mosley fight. Today we will be looking at what a loss could do to Shane Mosley’s legacy.

Without a doubt Mosley has never ducked anyone in his career. Among boxing experts and fans he is praised for this.

He is a likeable guy and outside of the steroid scandal has nothing to blacken his legacy. Unless he loses to Floyd “Money” Mayweather this Saturday.

Mosley already has five losses. All five are to very good fighters. He lost two times to Winky Wright and Vernon Forest. No shame in that at all.

The other loss is to Miguel Cotto, also no shame in that. His two biggest wins are the two over Oscar De La Hoya.

This was to a prime De La Hoya so they are very impressive wins. The first was the steroids fight so you can view that as you will.

His other big win, in my eyes, is his last fight against Antonio Margarito. Again this has mass controversy around it so take that win as you will.

If Mosley loses this coming Saturday will he be viewed as a man who couldn’t get a win in his biggest fights. I hate to admit it but he should be viewed that way.

With a loss, by my accounts, he would only be 3-6 in his biggest fights and two of those have mass controversy surrounding them. He has a lot of good wins outside of those three but those are the “big three” if you will.

Also a loss would make him look foolish for calling out Mayweather for so long. If Mayweather beats him decisively it will make all the fuss Mosley made about fighting him before look silly.

I have the feeling though that with a loss Mosley won’t be downgraded in anyone’s eyes. The old school guys love him because he has an old school mentality.

Also the steroid debacle is largely forgotten by most people because of what he does in the ring. If Mayweather lost this fight his legacy would be damaged forever.

If Mosley loses I think it will be chalked up to “Well he always fought the best, and you cant win them all.”

They say sugar cant spoil but will it be ruined by a loss to Floyd “Money” Mayweather?