What Do You Hate in Sports? The Bill Belichick List

bob mantz@bobsblitzSenior Writer IJuly 17, 2008

 There are always people/things/places you hate about sports.  I love to quote Louis CK, so here we go again. "I started to hate people. I enjoy it–it’s recreation."  "Oh, look at this piece of sh*&, I hate him - hate him!"

The only rules here are that the person or team or whatever must be sports related–in any way you like.  How you relate it is up to you.  Add your hates in the comment section.  I’ll edit my article as I think of more.  The less you explain your hatred the better.  Go For It:

·        Jeremy Shockey

·        Barry Bonds

·        Roger Clemens

·        Rudy (ND)

·        The ND mascot

·        Mike Francesa

·        Chris Berman

·        Michael Vick

·        Warren Sapp

·        Manny Being Manny

·        110 percent

·        A-rod

·        Jose Canseco

·        Brett Favre

·        Jeff Borris

·        John Daly

·        Stephon Marbury

·        Isiah Thomas

·        The Steinbrenners

·        Dennis Rodman

·        Terrell Owens

·        Chad Johnson

·        PacMan

·        Daniel Snyder

·        Billy Wagner

·        Rich Kotite

·        John Rocker

·        Joba Chamberlain

·        Tom Brady

·        Carmelo Anthony

·        James L. Dolan

·        Charles Wang

·        Boston Nation

·        ESPN’s repetitiveness

·        Shannon Sharpe

·        Bill Parcells

·        Bobby Knight

·        Yankees’ announcers

·        Sports Lists

·        Elias Sports Bureau

·        Stephen A. Smith

·        Kobe Bryant

·        Sean Avery

·        Jose Guillen

·        Shawn Chacon

·        $220 million payrolls

·        Randy Johnson

·        Phil Hellmuth

·        Ahmad Bradshaw

·        Home field advantage to MLB All-Star Winner

·        MMA that is not the UFC

·        UFC PPVs every two weeks at $50 a pop

·        Sports not in HD

·        February Super Bowls

·        April 1 Baseball

·        Possibility of November baseball

·        Chase Utley

·        John Madden

·        One game at a time

·        Family of four cannot afford to go to one game

·        Corporate Named Stadiums

·        EPO

·        Quiet Please

·        Drew Rosenhaus

·        Player Contract Renegotiations

·        Max Mosley

·        Liu Reng

·        Ricardo Terra Teixeira

·        Matt Millen

·        Pros in the Olympics

·        Bud Selig

·        MLS

·        Brian Cashman

·        The Jets organization

·        The two- week Super Bowl break

·        All mascots besides the Phillie Phanatic

·        Games past Midnight

·        The BCS

·        Personal Seat Licenses

·        Skip Bayless

·        The WNBA

·        Baseball attendance announcements based on ticket sales

·        Tony Romo

·        Jerry Jones

·        Women Reporters/Announcers

          A) Special Mention for Jemele Hill

·        NFL pregame shows picking winners without the spread

·        Ryan Howard not in the HR Derby

·        Mock Drafts

·        Sports Lists

·        Rafael Palmeiro

·        Mark McGwire

·        Ron Artest

·        Randy Moss

·        Michael Iaconelli

·        Rocky V

·        Kurt Busch

·        Bobby Bowden

·        Curt Schilling

·        Nick Saban

·        Dick Vitale

·        Todd Bertuzzi

·        Michael Kay

·        First three periods of an NBA game

·        Bryant Gumbel

·        Tiki Barber

·        Tony Kornheiser

·        They came to play

·        Walt Frazier

·        Tin Cup

·        Bill Walton

·        Any Karate Kid movie after No. 1

·        Chip Caray

·        Minnesota Fighting Saints

·        O.J. Simpson

·        Curling

·        Timeouts in the air so you don’t have a turnover

·        Dropping Devil from the Devil Rays

·        Dropping Redmen from St. John’s

·        Chicago Black Sox

·        Obstructed Seats

·        Reporters in the crowd

·        David Beckham

·        Jerry Buss

·        Matt Leinart

·        Any Given Sunday

·        Just wanna thank God for this (Jesus made them trip)

·        Did I mention Brett Favre?


·  Jesse Palmer

· Jim Rome

·Ex-Players whose doesn't speak good English given commentator jobs

·  NewYork Newsday cause they never ever plug me        

· Linda Holliday

·  Calling any game a 'War' 

· Atlanta Braves giving Yanks two World Series victories in three years time            

·  Troy Aikman

· Mike Tyson

·  Don King

·  Brian Kilmeade

·  Jason Giambi

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