All Teams Can Improve But At What Cost?

scotty CoultonContributor IJuly 17, 2008

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Now we all know that the best times to improve your team are July 1st(NHL Free Agency) and February 26th(NHL Trade Deadline). Now for free agency, its harder for the lower key teams to pickup guys for 2 reason: 1.The lower key teams don't have the money and 2. The Lower Key teams don't have as good a chance at the Stanley Cup. I'm not saying that the lower key teams, teams like Atlanta And Columbus cant improve but at what cost? Almost all lower key teams at the free agency period have to overpay and i estimate an overpay of 2.5 million on average per year. So lets say the team gets 3 great players and they overpay each by 2.5 million then that's 7.5 million dollars that was used to overpay which leads to 1 of 2 things, it could lead to going over the salary cap limit or it could mean every player that says i want to go to lets say Atlanta will ask for more than there value because they know that there's a good chance a lower key team will give it to them if they have it.

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