10 Points To Ponder: Barca vs. Inter Champions League Aftermath

Ramkumar SCorrespondent IApril 29, 2010

10. Jose Mourinho may be a "second grade psychologist"; but he is a "first class coach". Right Mr. Laporta?

9. The world is searching for Barcelona striker Ibrahimovich. He was last seen in Camp Nou just before the start of the second leg clash between Inter and Barcelona. Has he been found?

8. And talking of Ibrahimovich; how in the name of God did Barcelona agree to give Samuel Eto + cash in exchange for Ibrahimovich? Shouldn't it be Inter who should pay the cash to Barcelona?

7. How good is Inter defender Lucio? Will Manchester City be linked with him this summer? And is Maicon a better right-back than Dani Alves?

6. Will Victor Valdes' antics this year earn him the dumbest goalkeeper of the year award?

5. How cheap was Barcelona F.C for turning on the sprinklers when Inter were still celebrating on the pitch?

4. Messi has never scored against a Mourinho team; and today presented the best opportunity with Inter down to 10 men. Is he still the best player in the world? 

3. When Mourinho said that he can never coach Barcelona; was he hinting Real Madrid (* wink wink ..take meeeeeeee *)?

2. Will Italy start loving Mourinho now that he has done the unthinkable?

1. Does this mean that the "Chelsea Blessing" is a real phenomenon?