The National Spotlight

AlexAnalyst IJuly 16, 2008

It was a long night for those that watched the entire All-Star Game and festivities. If you tuned into FOX from the beginning to end, it was more than five hours of baseball. I decided to watch the game from beginning to end, all the way up to Morneau’s winning run.

It was a lot of fun, and with the Homerun Derby and game put together was one of my favorite All-Star Breaks to date.

Joe Mauer represented the Twins well, drawing a walk and reaching on a single in his two plate appearances. Joe Nathan entered the game early and received a lot of praise from the FOX crew. It was nice to see Nathan do so well, and it was refreshing to see him finally get some credit for his career accomplishments.

Justin Morneau wasn’t a starter, but entered the game in the sixth inning and by the night’s end played an entire game’s worth. Morneau was the Twins’ MVP representative in New York, winning the Derby and then doing very well in his five at-bats.

Morneau went 2-4 on the night for the American League including an intentional walk, a double and a single in the final inning. Justin started the fifteenth inning with a single, and came around to score for the second time on the night.

Morneau received a lot of national attention over the past two days, making covers of newspapers all over the Nation after winning the derby and crossing the plate to the give the American League home field advantage in the World Series.