Why Take Out Hughes After 5 2/3 Innings? Unbelievable

Holdon JohnsonCorrespondent IApril 28, 2010

Last night was a prime example when Girardi overmanaged the game. Eventhough Hughes didn't have his best stuff last night he battled through five and was around 100 pitches. They let him go and pitch the 6th, he got the first 2 outs of inning pretty quick and was around 110 pitches. Once he got that out here comes Girardi out to the mound to take him out. Wit the lefty hitter up they put in Boone Logan to face him. Of course he walks him, which we didnt need with only a 2-1 lead. Then they took him out after that batter and put in David Robertson and was looking good with the hitt 0-2 in the count then he drilled him. Now with runners on first and second the whole game unravled there and ending up scoring 3 runs that inning and now the Yankees trailed the Orioles 4-2. The O's tacked on another run in the 8th. Going into the 9th the Yankees trailed them 5-2. They almost came back with an error by Izturis but they fell short when A-Rod grounded up the middle to end the game. Personally when it was first hit I thought it was going to be a base hit and a tied ballgame, but it didnt work that way and a pretty bad lose especially being handed a lose from one of the worse teams right now. It really pissed me off when they took Hughes out because he was one out away from getting through 6 innings, and while he struggled with his command yesterday because he walked 6 and got his pitch count high quickly. If the Yankees get through that inning with the lead the chances of them winning the game would have been a lot better. Girardi gets way into the pitch count and trying to over manage a lot, sometimes you just have to let the game play out and not worry if it is a lefty and righty hitter just let Hughes get through the inning.