Chasing Roy: Martin Brodeur Wins No. 500

Jason HackettAnalyst INovember 18, 2007

Icon Sports MediaMartin Brodeur inched one step closer to Patrick Roy on Saturday night, picking up his 500th career win in a game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Only Brodeur and Roy have reached the 500 plateau. Roy is the NHL's reigning all-time wins leader with 551, but Brodeur is expected to pass that mark sometime next season.

Fittingly enough, Brodeur reached 500 against the same team he beat for the single-season wins record.

Some critics argue that Brodeur would never have set that mark without new shootout rules—but let's not forget that a record is still a record.

Who comes after Brodeur on the wins list?

Domink Hasek trails Brodeur by 133 victories—and given Hasek's age, no one expects him to come even close.

For now, the 500 club seems destined to remain a two-man affair.

Also of note: If Brodeur does in fact set the record next year, he'll do it in fewer seasons and fewer games than did Roy.