Carefree and convincing it was not: Game 5: Cavaliers 96, Bulls 94

Kirk LammersContributor IApril 27, 2010

Photo: The Photoshop Guru, Kyle Swartz

Joakim Noah can finally relax. His fishing trip on the beautiful, majestic Lake Erie can finally begin! While he's fishing for walleye, he can take in sights like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Great Lakes Science Center, shop at Tower City, and maybe even take in a Cavaliers' game. Unfortunately, he won't be playing in the Cavaliers' next game, because the Chicago Bulls fired up their outboard and are Gone Fishin' for the offseason.

It wasn't the convincing type of victory that Game 4 was, but the Cleveland Cavaliers protected their homecourt and sent the Chicago Bulls home for the season, holding on for a two point victory. It was a game that Cleveland trailed for a decent amount of the second half, and one where LeBron James was incredibly passive, presumably because of his nagging elbow. LBJ did enough to help take over late in the game, and the Cavalier supporting cast made timely fourth quarter jumpers to take care of business, but it came at a price. LeBron shot his second of two last possession free throw left-handed and held his right elbow to his side for the defensive possession, and the whole city waits to see how ready to go LeBron is for Game 1 against Boston on Saturday night.