Wake up TNA. Leave the past where it belongs

John FalcettaSenior Analyst INovember 18, 2007

Icon Sports MediaFor those of us who are sick of Vinny Mac shoving the same old same old down our throats TNA has long looked like a great alternative. But looks can be decieving. TNA has scrapped it's advantage of being different from WWE by bring in the old the bad and the very old.

Fans do not want to see match-ups from 1998 anymore, that's why we tune out WWE. Once in a while a "dream" match up like the Steiners vs. Team 3-D is a cool thing.  Then you bring in the new age out...I mean VKM and all they do is talk about being on top in the 90's who cares. If Scott Steiner says the term WCW one more time he should be suspended.  WCW and ECW (the real one) are dead and buried let them stay there. So now what do we get for a fresh tag team? The Outsiders.

Memo to TNA management:

We the fans do not want to see these old time match up except once in a while. Start pushing the great talent you have on your roster A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, The Motor City Machine guns, these are just a few examples of the wrestlers we want to see. And for god sake drop the "black machismo" garbage it was funny at first, but now it is killing Jay Lethal.

The fans are dying to embrace your company just let it happen already.