Chances Jamarcus Russell Will Still Be On The Team In 2010

Holdon JohnsonCorrespondent IApril 27, 2010

What are the chance Jamarcus Russell will still be on the Raiders in 2010?

Even though I have heard sources that its not a question of "if" its "when" he will be released, you can't be sure its true unless its official and Al Davis says so. ESPN has said a lot of things about the Raiders this year and in the past and most of the information they say about them couldn't be more from the truth. Unless Jamarcus is willing to take a  pay cut this off-season which I doubt he will because he said before that he wouldn't take a pay cut. If he doesn't take a pay cut then there is a high chance that he will be released because he has already taken enough money from the Raiders with the 30 million guaranteed. The Raiders are not going to pay him 3 million a year to ride the pine because he won't beat out Campbell in the QB competition hell he probably wouldn't be able to beat out Kyle Boller at this point, the only reason he was the starter in the beginning of the season last season is because it was handed to him, we all know that he didn't earn because there was no QB competition last year. With all that said Jamarcus is as good as gone on the Raiders and its time to cut ties with the biggest bust of all time because he hasn't lived up to any expectations and the only thing he lead the team in besides interceptions was the only person on the team to clean out in and our burger in one day.

Does everyone expect him to be released before training camp, after, or be around for another season? let me know what you think.