Mailbag Question: old and new staff's

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Mailbag Question: old and new staff's
Hey Guys,

I see you have been doing some comparisons with what the new coaches are doing at Michigan. Can you compare the old staff and the new staff and some of the differences of them both good and bad?

Not trying to have you guys throw anybody under the bus here, but just would like to see where you guys think this staff is in all aspects compared to the old staff. Also in what they do in game day comparisons and also coaching.



Thanks for the question. The biggest difference is still accountability in off season conditioning and practices. Between workouts with Coach Barwis and player led, seven on seven, etc Michigan is flat out working harder in the off-season. These workouts are no longer if you feel like it. To quote Coach Rod, "yes working out is voluntary, but so is playing time" and a Barwis quote “breathing is voluntary, but I don’t see you stop breathing”,

New staff is also recruiting harder in different areas of country. This is a high-risk high reward strategy. Can Michigan go into Florida, Texas, and other southern states and get the top-level elite talent from home state schools and this we will be watching closely.

Final thing is intensity. New staff is demanding intensity at everything done. Spring practices and scrimmages were as hard as springs since Coach Mo and Bo were in charge. Many believe you play as you practice. If you are from that school of thought you will love how new regime runs things. Entire staff was constantly screaming about playing physically. Coach Shafer was screaming enough of these pillow fights.

Personal favorite from Coach Rod "too many talkers, not enough ******* hitting".

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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