Tottenham Hotspur F.C.: An Obsession for Some, Exciting to All

Jordan HughesContributor IApril 27, 2010

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - APRIL 24:  Ledley King of Tottenham Hotspur is congratulated by his team mate Gareth Bale after scoring an equalising goal during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford on April 24, 2010 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Michael Regan/Getty Images

It may not always be pretty, but it can certainly be effective.

Before I go and claim what an amazing season it has been for Tottenham, there is something to note.

Without Champions League qualification, it will have all been in vain.

Since the beginning of the Premier League in 1992, the aim has been to challenge at the top. To be in the mix for a UEFA Champions League spot was all any club could ask for. 

So here and now in 2010, the aim is the same.

Clinging on to the dearest of life, Tottenham will hope to achieve what so few have. Newcastle United was the most recent to gatecrash the top four, and that was in 2003!

Aston Villa are level on points, while Man City sit just a point behind Villa and Spurs.

Needless to say, it will be tight.

Whatever the case, it is the Hotspurs who have played the most consistent and flashy football all season long, and at the end of the day deserve it the most.

In contrast to what many call a strong City side (only six losses), Spurs have managed two more wins and five fewer draws than Mancini's/Hughes' boys. Spurs have also defended better, allowing five fewer goals against.

And though the results may look even, Spurs have triumphed as the more attractive team to watch.

Perhaps it is the hodge podge of "world class" players City have shelled out for (and I won't go into the numbers, I don't think I can count to duodecillion) that draw in the crowds, but regardless, they have looked disconnected.

Tottenham, while shelling out quite a bit of money as well, has uncovered the untapped talent of players who have been around for two to three seasons. A few of these revelations being...

Tom Huddlestone is a new man. Having been brought to the club in 2005 by Martin Jol, his early comparisons were that of one Franz Beckenbauer...ya, that one is a stretch.

But this season he has buckled down the midfield becoming a decent box-to-box player though still lacking in the goals department. After much criticism last season for being "out of shape," he worked his arse off over the summer to remain in the squad and to great effect. He is beginning to be the player Jol had anticipated.

Another player who has really come flying onto the scene is young Aaron Lennon. Also a member of Jol's 2005 class, Lennon's obvious pace made him a somewhat regular for Spurs since he arrived.

Constantly being heckled for his crossing ability, he set out this season to silence his doubters. And that is exactly what he did. Putting up 10 assists and even hitting the back of the net three times before his injury, Lennon was in all the Tottenham headlines.

Lastly, the all-to-common resurgence of class act Michael Dawson.

What is amazing about Dawson is that he is a role player. He is the solution to King and Woodgate injuries, yet when he steps in, he is untouchable. Of course, there is the wayward penalty he gives up every now and then, but he is a diehard defender.

Known for his blocks, he is now known as the man who might break through into Capello's World Cup squad. What he does for team spirit and morale is unlike any other player in the League.

When these players are mixed into the Tottenham starting 11, it poses a threat to any opposing side.

I would hardly say Spurs are as classy as Arsenal; I would hardly say they are as talented as Chelsea, but what they have shown this season, and what is paying dividends is efficiency.

The ability to bounce back in such style.

Any FA Cup semifinal loss is a devastating blow, but to retaliate with victories against rivals Arsenal and league leaders Chelsea is something all pundits and even fans would have never thought possible.

The question then becomes of course: Can they do it at Bolton?

My thoughts are yes, they have to. For Tottenham it is now or, well, not never, but a long time.

Outside of the top four, they have been the most impressive side this year. Redknapp has built a squad of players with the talent, but more importantly the belief to go on and win fourth. Something Mancini hasn't and Martin O'Neill wouldn't dare to.

And though the Bolton game will be a huge fixture, my eyes will be averted to the Man City-Aston Villa match. 

Time will tell who Tottenham must defeat in order to be worthy of the coveted fourth spot.


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