Extreme Rules and Duct Tape: A New Low For WWE

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IApril 27, 2010

BERLIN - NOVEMBER 05:  Batista arrives for the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards held at the O2 Arena on November 5, 2009 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

WWE has hit a new low, duct tape.  Yes, duct tape, that grayish, sticky use-it-for-everything tape.  To conclude Extreme Rules on Sunday, Cena finished the match with pulling Batista towards the edge of the ring and tying his feet together with duct tape. 

How low can WWE go?  Why do we have an extreme makeover match with the Divas?  No makeup was even used?  The match was good....the concept is bad.  Cena and Batista was good....duct tape concept is bad.  No blood at an Extreme Rules is a bad concept.  If we can use chairs, a cage, a wrench then why not blood?  Why can we hit HHH in the back of head with a pipe and call it ok?

Why does WWE cut to a sign saying "Swagger Thucks"?  Why do we need to sink to a new low and make fun of a guy's lispe?  It is not right.

Why can a wrestler exit through a door in a steel cage match?  Why happened to climbing over the walls of the cage?

Duct tape is not realistic.  Batista could easily rip through that sticky stuff if he really wanted to.  I wanted to leave Buffalo Wild Wings and get my $5 bucks back that I wasted on that ender of a PPV. The match was not bad and I would have been happy with Batista losing after being thrown through a table, taping out, pinned, anything except being taped together.

Why did Cena do his "You can't see me" at the end.  There was no finisher.  Cena was right in front of him.

You don't finish an almost $50.00 PPV with duct tape.