WWE Draft Aftermath, Part One

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WWE Draft Aftermath, Part One

Last night, World Wrestling Entertainment held their seventh company-wide draft (Eighth overall if you include the small ECW draft that Paul Heyman conducted in 2006).

Eight total superstars from SmackDown! and RAW were selected to go to the opposite brand, potentially changing their careers. The moves themselves may prove to be a huge change of direction for respective brands.

After the night was done, many people were left with questions about the superstars selected.

Some wondered why the promotion's draft failed to be as groundbreaking as past ones.

More are wondering what these picks will mean for RAW and SmackDown!.

Will SmackDown! be alright despite their loss of potential and current main event stars?

Is RAW going to treat the new group of midcarders well?

No one will truly know, at least not for a while. The supplemental draft will be the deciding factor in what direction the WWE will go.

But, like the NFL Draft that was conducted over the past weekend, people are going to be more interested in the perceived "first round" of the WWE Draft:

This slideshow will review the picks, grade the picks, and detail how I feel each superstar will impact their new roster. Enjoy the slideshow!

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