LaMont Jordan: Will This Raider Be the Newest Detroit Lion?

Russell IvanacSenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2008's Bill Williamson has reported that current Oakland Raiders running back LaMont Jordan has met with the Detroit Lions in what appears to be a pre-trade visit.

LaMont Jordan is currently buried on the Raiders' depth chart behind Justin Fargas, recently drafted Darren McFadden and former college star Michael Bush, making him more than expendable. Once you add in the fact that he has a contract more befitting a starting running back, not a possible third-down back at best, it makes it even more clear that he is on his way out.

Jordan is a bit of an injury risk, though, and that will drop his trade value even more. So what would Detroit have to give up to get him? Practically nothing, in my view. What leverage do the Raiders have? They have a a banged-up, 29-year-old backup with a big contract. On the bright side, he does have a consistent 3.8 yards per carry for the last three years.

The trade would help Detroit's running game as it would add another pair of legs to take some pressure off of current starter Tatum Bell, who hasn't proven he can run the ball effectively outside of Denver, and rookie Kevin Smith, who was drafted in the third round this year. Jordan would more than likely be used as a change-of-pace or third-down back in Detroit if the trade happens.

The bottom line is that the Lions need help running the ball and the Raiders need to get rid of Jordan. It works out for both teams, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the deal go down before the week's end. I only hope that the Lions don't get swindled in this deal like they have in the past, like when they got their current starter, Tatum Bell.