The British Open: No Tiger, Then Who?

Matt HunterCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

This week is the British Open at Royal Birkdale.

If you did not already know Tiger Woods would not be playing in this week major, you know now.

With no Tiger in the field it leaves many people wondering who has a chance at winning this week in a tournament that is known for being brutal with tough course conditions.

I am going to give you two people to look out for in this week’s tournament, and the reason for only two is, because I know that these two will be at the top.

My first player to look out for is Jim Furyk.

Furyk is a steady player who hits fairways constantly, and in the conditions that are more than likely to happen hitting fairways is very important.

He is also a very all around player as well he is a good iron player, and he is very good around the greens as well.

These attributes will help keep Furyk in the running this week, because if players are loose cannons that is when they start to fall out of contention, and Furyk is not one of those guys.

The swing of his is another reason why I like his chances.

Anybody with such an inside out swings, and can play as well as he does has a chance to win many tournaments.

Plus if I had ever swung like him on my golf team my coach would have taken my clubs from me and never let me play a match ever.

Now comes my crazy pick.

Sergio Garcia.

I know he choked last year, and he hasn't lived up to what people thought, but I think that helps him out this year along with something else— how Spain has dominated sports the past few months.

The Spanish soccer team one the European Cup a month ago, and just a few weeks ago Rafael Nadal defeated Roger Federer at again a British tournament Wimbledon.

This means Spain is on a roll, and why not continues this roll with Sergio finishing the tri-fecta for Spain.

Sergio did choke last year, but hey who hasn't?

I think he will use last year’s mishap to help throttle his play in this week major.

The other reason I believe he has a great chance is, because he is finally playing great golf.

His play is finally coming together, and because of this he has put together some great tournaments.

Do not count him out just yet, and do not be surprised if you see him on the leader board this weekend.

So, which one out of the two do I choose?

Sergio, plain and simple he will be on that leader board come this weekend, and he will not choke again… hopefully.

Viva Espana!