Which Baltimore Orioles Jersey Do I Buy?

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Which Baltimore Orioles Jersey Do I Buy?

So I'm in the market for a new baseball jersey.

An Orioles one of course. And I'm having a hard time deciding. Ergo, I've decided to air my deliberations publicly and hopefully elicit some advice on who to purchase and why.

There's a lot that goes into decision making like this. For instance, I can lecture you for days on the purchasing of a recent draft pick's threads. You see, I once thought Heath Shuler was going to be the greatest gift from God, and bought that No. 5 as soon as it hit the shelves. Boy do I look stupid now. Can't believe I paid extra for rushed shipping.

My Duke Jason Williams jersey looked like a good bet for a few years, until he left for the NBA, changed his name to "Jay" and saw his career go down the tubes after a brutal injury. And who's wearing No. 22 these days? No one, that's who! Boo!

My Orioles spring training jersey looks nifty, but there's only so many ways you can wear orange.

So here I am, debating which player to buy and why, and a lot goes into it: will they be around for a few years? Will they have an acrimonious departure from the team? Will they cheat on their wife, or beat a dog? And do they have a prosperous future? You know...in that prosperous future where I'm not celebrating the fact that the O's are only 3-16, instead of 2-17.

Let the debate begin!

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