Jimmie Johnson Vs Jeff Gordon: A Bad Soap Opera, Are You Buying It?

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Jimmie Johnson Vs Jeff Gordon: A Bad Soap Opera, Are You Buying It?
John Harrelson/Getty Images

Are you drinking this Kool-Aid ?

Do you really believe this rivalry ?

Please correct me if I’m wrong , doesn’t Jeff Gordon Own part of the No. 48 team?

Wouldn’t you think -if the in fighting was true- Hendrick would not put a stop to it?

The Johnson vs. Gordon fights looks like a bad soap opera script with two bad actors , they could at least get an acting coach.

When I heard Gordon’s interview after the race all I could come up with is “you got to be kidding me, this sounds as phony as a three dollar bill” and then I preceded to puke in my soup.

His quote “ …takes a lot to make me mad etc..etc…..” sounded phony, you usually hear a driver who is really angry tell a story with more passion than Jeff was able to deliver.

I’m not buying this, are you?

I’m sure the hard core Gordon fans are all over this because- of course -JJ is the reason why Gordon is not winning.

Yea right !

This two drivers have had some racing incidents, that’s all, the media and “others” are trying to capitalize on it, the sport does need some drama..

Can we agree on that?

Folks, I know you want to believe there is all this in fighting at the Hendrick camp and your hoping this derails their 2010 championship hopes.

Do yourselves a favor -Forget about it !!

That trophy probably got the Hendrick name on it.

There is no problem between the No. 48 and the No. 24.

Well ! Let me qualify that, they do have a problem!

\Where are they going to put that 2010 championship trophy , they’re just about out of room.

Enough said.


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